Set up a few train “stations” around the room. You can use play tents, cardboard boxes and so on to construct the stations. Name each station and hang a sign bearing the name at each one. Then, write the station names on pieces of paper and place them in a conductor’s hat.

Fill a red wagon decorated to resemble a train with trinket prizes, at least one per player. Have kids go about their business at the party. Every now and then, blow a whistle. When the whistle blows, the party guests must stop whatever they are doing and rush to one of the stations. When everyone has arrived at a station, pull one of the station names out of the hat. Pull the trinket train to that stop, where each kid at the station gets to pick a prize. Keep playing until everyone gets a prize.


We don’t like to label, but this one comes in handy. Follow the instructions on the label before you wash this product or give it to your mom – she knows how to do it.

Composition: 69% polyester, 24% viscose, 5% wool, 2% elastane.


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